Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Let It Snow"

We finally had a REAL birthday party for Hope. All the other times, they were small family celebrations. This time, we wanted to make Hope's 6 years old birthday slightly more memorable. 
So, we decided upon a "Snow Party."
Yes, that's right. SNOW in San Jose. How did we do it? Well, Owen and I drove up to Tahoe, stole the remaining amount of snow left at the time and brought it back.   NOT!
Actually, we had 1500 lbs of snow delivered into our backyard. This is what Californians have to do for that "Winter Wonderland" feeling. 

With Frozen's "Do you want to build a Snowman?" playing in the air, "Pin a Carrot on Olaf" game and warm chili dogs, the festivities were a great hit. 
Once again, our family is reminded of what an incredible blessing Hope is to us. She is a delight and a gift from God.