Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Hope!

Guess who has the same birthday as Martin Luther King Jr.??
Yours truly, Hope Lee!

Hope turned 4 and the theme was "Princess" for her special day. There's not one day that's gone by that she has not put on a princess dress. She wore the dresses so many times, the laces were coming off and the little fake pearls were tangling off the edge. Thank goodness for the glue gun and Mommy knowing how to sew.

Now, where do you go to celebrate a 4 year old's birthday in the middle of Winter? You take her to Fairytale Town in Sacramento. Her two cousins joined us. She loved it.

After that, we had pizza and cake at her Uncle Marvin and Aunt Avelin's house.

Faith & Hope love having their face painted.

Owen's immediate family (Diana not pictured).


  1. Happy Birthday Hope Tirzah Jong-Ching Lee! You are a precious addition to the Lee family!