Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hope In Preschool

Happy 2012 New Years Everyone!

Wow, our last posting was in April of 2009. That would make it almost 3 years. Time sure flies.

When we brought Hope home, she was underweight, had nappy hair, barely spoke and smelled like a fish (Mentioned in"Rough Nights" Posting, 4/2/09)

We are proud to say, according to her last Kaiser check-up, she is just fine in her physical development (according to the Asian scale). Her hair is shiny. She's had 6 months of speech therapy and talks too much now. And she smells like whatever baby shampoo we use on her.

In Fall of 2011, she began preschool. We were a bit hesitant, because she just wasn't that confident with potty-training. When we brought her home from China, it seemed like they had tried to potty-train her. But, I think they made her sit in a potty for a very "extended" time. She would have lots of accidents and seemed traumatized when it came to sitting on the toilet. None of those "Have your kid trained in a day" books worked. We made "baby" steps each day. It was over a year of training.

Now, Hope loves preschool and is very sociable.

Hope's very 1st field trip.


  1. She has grown so much ... It's probably all the love and Chinese soup!